A hairy situation

It occured to me today that in my hurried rush this week I have neglected to shave my legs.
You’ve done it to, stop, making that ewww face.


Sometimes there is just so much going on you neglect the personal stuff.
Like shaving for instance.

It happens. and for me it was bad.
Really bad.
I considered for a moment if it would be better to just let it go and see if the wife noticed.
For the record she apparently does notice such things.

So I grabed my trusty Dollar Shave Club razor, and promptly dropped it on the floor of the bathroom. It hit in just such a way that I broke the disposable razor head right off the handle.

There was a slow motion mid air grab but it was too late.

I picked up the pieces and tried to attach a new razor head with no luck.
This was bad, very bad.

At this point my face is twisted in horror and my leg hair is flowing in the breeze of the ceiling fan vent.

I panicked. I wasn’t sure what to do with a broken handle and a box full of replacement cartiges.
Duct tape?
Gorilla glue?
Shave with just the tiny razor head?
Scavenge the drawers for a lost disposable Bic from the days before fancy razors?

Lucky for me there was a disposable hidden away seemingly for just such an emergency.

After this potentially hairy sitaution was resolved I headed straight to my smart phone to find answers to my stupid question.

I decided to explore my options on the DollarShaveClub website. I was greeted with several options, none of which quite suited the “I broke my razor being super graceful in the bathroom and I need another” inquiry.

At this point I pondered heading to the drug store but then I noticed a little chat button. Being a customer service specialist myself I decided to give it a shot. I clicked the button and told my story, (without nearly as much embarrassing detail) and to my shock the person on the other side offered to send me what I needed. No questions, no hassle, no credit card number required. Seriosly. Awesome.

The point here is that I think this company deserves some kudos on the customer service, and maybe your dollars if you might be in the market for some razors.

They are really good quality, come in different blades for your comfort and are super easy on the wallet. Plus if you are busy like me these babies are delivered to your door.

If you want to check them out I have a link here for you. This will let them know I sent you. – which could lead to good things for all of us.
Like smoother legs, or faces, or whatever you happen to shave.

You never know.


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