People watching

My new office is in a complex with other offices and apartment buildings above on the top floor.

It’s quite lovely, wooded on the back side yet right near downtown. You have the best of both worlds, mother nature’s finest and societies rejects, blended within about 3 blocks of one another.

On my lunch hour I sometimes just hang out in the car, provided the weather is nice enough. Sometimes I’m napping, sometimes blogging and sometimes just people watching.

There are balconies for some of the offices in my building, and a few apartments have them as well.
Down below them all I sit quietly and try to mind my own business.

Once in awhile a beautiful thing happens. A magical moment in people watching.

People come out onto their open balconies.

Not only do they come out of their private areas behind closed doors, but they behave like they are still secluded.

These people must believe they are invisible.
As if they have forgotten they live in the middle of town. With people wandering about below, in and out of their cars, to and from destinations unknown.

These people perched a story or two above the street sit alone mostly. They eat their lunches, read their paper, pick their nose, scratch their ass … ect.

Yeah, I said it. They do odd private things in not private spaces. Things I don’t want to see but can’t look away from.

Like a horrific accident on the highway while you’re driving the family to the beach. You know aren’t to stare as you drive by in bewilderment … but you still do. You can’t help it.

It’s like that. I shouldn’t watch these people. I should look away.

It’s creepy.
For them and for me.

What comes over someone to do strange things in view of the public?

If you happen to have a balcony, I applaud you. It’s a lovely benefit. Fresh afternoon air, sunshine and a place for your little hanging flower garden.

But might I ask just a small favor of you, fancy balcony dweller?

… please, please put some pants on before you step out.

For my sake and yours, put some damn pants on. While we can’t seem to look away nobody really wants to see that.

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