Confessions of a sun worshipper

I cheated on sunshine today. She’s been away for a while now anyway.

Lately she’s just been … kinda cold.

I’ve missed her so … her warm rays touching my skin. Warming my bare legs and kissing my cheeks, shoulders and neck.

She was no good for me though, I was burned more than once.

I should have known.

I spent so many days in her embrace, lounging in her abundant attention. We beached, we floated the river, we visited amusement parks and we cruised the highway together.

I was true to her. I dared not enter the gym for months. I spent all of my free time encompassed within her rays.The time has come though, I had to go back. I was welcomed although my body protested to turn back time, back to our lazy summer affair.

I will mourn our breakup with leggings, boots and sweaters. I will try to find joy in the changing scenery. I will try not to notice how beautifully the reds, yellows and golden hues in the trees complement my still bronzed skin.

I will try not to mind the pumpkin spice in the air and the crisp coolness that makes bonfires so enticing.

I will try.

I will try not to miss sunshine until she comes back to me. After all it really is just a matter of time.

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