Enough is enough

It’s just time to say you’ve had enough. 

The point where you’ve clearly reached the edge of sanity.

The moment before you plunge into the abyss of terrible hurtful words aimed straight at the person poking needles in your voodoo doll.

I am pretty sure I’ve reached the point of enough.

It might be taking all my patience, all my skill, all my energy but I have yet to crumble.
I won’t.

I will maintain my composure.

I will not start cracking my knuckles and stretching my neck from side to side.

I will not let visions of red blind me to the reality before me.

I will not let my sighs become screams.

I will remember that life is too short to be mad about the things I can not change and
I will be brave in the face of things I must.

I will know when enough is enough.

1 thought on “Enough is enough”

  1. I dunno, having a really good tantrum cleanses the palate, and allows room for new stuff to be ingested.

    Hope you have someone to go through whatever this is with. If not here’s a whole bunch of interwebz-y hugs.


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