I almost peed myself today. Confessions from behind the desk.

It’s not everyday that a thunderstorm features the kind of booming and shaking and severe lighting such as it did over my office today.

Most Friday’s are casual around here, peaceful, easy going. Slow enough to relax a little, catch up on water cooler gossip or check on our favorite sports teams.

Not today though … not at all. The morning started out promising, we had high hopes for an easy day. We ordered lunch and slowly but surely it got a little busier and with those calls came clouds.

No. I know these things aren’t related. Yes, it was entirely coincidental.

I do think mother nature has had it out for me for awhile. If she knows I might be enjoying myself she throws something nasty my way.

Today it was the thunderstorm that sat over my office building for far too long. Shaking windows and rattling nerves. Sending lightening strikes right to the ground, right outside my window. Rains flooding the very parking lot where my car was conveniently parked. The spot right outside the back exit.

I indulged myself today, as people often do on Friday, with some take-out lunch. It happened to come with an XL drink. I sipped it like a lady all afternoon, taking time away from my work only to replace the make shift napkin coaster under my ginormous plastic cup.

It didn’t take long before the sound of the rain seduced my bladder awake and I had the urge to flush the extra fluids.

Only I don’t like lightening.

It scares me. Really, really scares me to the point I don’t want to get up from my executive desk chair.

I can’t risk walking by all these windows.What if lightening comes in and zaps me where I stand? What if it is just really loud and I scream and jump onto a co-workers desk?             Or … into their lap?!

I don’t want to roll the dice on the power going out.                                                                    What if it happens while I am in the restroom stall? In the pitch dark?! No light, just me feeling around with my pants at my ankles. No thanks.

So I wait. Patiently. Dancing a little in my seat. Hearing the thunder getting louder and louder. Cracking right outside my window with streaks of bright white light mocking me.

I sat and wondered what to do. Risk it? Get up? Stay here and wait it out?

Then it happened.

The loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard. So close to my window that I jumped about 4 inches from my seat. I hovered there while the lightening filled the room enlarging my already my wide eyes.

I almost lost it.

My bladder control that is.

I almost peed myself, right there in the chair. In my office. In front of the entire staff.

The storm is over but my search for professional adult diapers is on.

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