My wrong number almost connection

Have you ever had a random stranger text your cell phone?

A new number comes up with a small note, you stare at it and try to think who it could possibly be. You hover over the reply, not quite sure if you should text back. Or if you do what you should say.

It happened to me today.

I was at work and a random person who calls himself “Chris” popped up to say hello. Apparently he thought my number belonged to a lovely lady called “Elizabeth”.

For the record my name is not nor has it ever been Elizabeth.

I decided to communicate with him anyway. This is how it went:

Marked out for his protection, he did not send this to me incognito … I do think the yellow looks good on him though.
Clearly not Elizabeth. I thinks she gave him the wrong number on purpose.
“Everything is funnier when you aren’t aloud to laugh”
“It’s Jake from State Farm”

Chris with the wrong number stopped talking to me after this. I kinda wish we could have kept going but I understand. He probably has more under chin selfies to send to random women who slipped him the wrong number.

Maybe next time.

Text me anytime, Chris. I will be waiting.



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