Living in the wild

Driving home every night is like nothing else I’ve experienced in life. Sometimes I feel like I should have a random voice pointing out this tree and that … mountains in the distance and various plants, shrubs and animals along the way. 

I imagine if it were narrated it would go something like this –

 … and to the front of the vehicle you will see several wild turkeys. Each magnificent in posture and stance. With just a turn of the wheel to miss them, these wild birds will cause a wreck of dangerous proportion. 

Similar to the steely eyed golf cart driver these birds have no intention of making way on the road.

If you look to the left here you see the gorgeous red fox. The natural habitat generally makes this sly hunter invisible. 

Not to be confused with the fox that runs shirtless on these private mountain roads, randomly all summer with abs of steel, but just as mysterious. 

Where do these creatures come from? Consider yourself lucky to catch a glimpse of this magically bronzed specimen. Just look at that tail. 

If you peer carefully into the tree on your right you will see the common wood pecker. These birds are of a larger size and earned the name by literally pecking into perfectly good wood. 

These birds are hammering into trees when you most want quiet, similar to your neighbor who mows the lawn at 7am. Also like inconsiderate neighbors, these birds tirelessly work as near your bedroom window as possible. 

Commonly referred to as a general nuisance, these are the neighbors you least want making a home next door.

As we inch closer to darkness we he hear the lonesome cry of a cougar. 

No, not that widowed woman across the road, we mean the wild mountain cat. 

Listen closely to hear her night screams. The high pitched cougar cries are outrageously frightening and can be heard for long distances. These screams are sure to stop you in your tracks and possibly wet your pants. 

The racoon is generally spotted in the darkest hours. If you look closly you’ll see these masked bandits are all teeth and claws lurking about the property. Comparable to shady vacuum salesman only far less likely to tidy your livingroom carpet. 

When these creepers come knocking it’s generally best not to answer. 

Here we see the black bear! 

Bears are the most intelligent of the mountain wildlife and only spill the most embarrassing contents of your hefty bags. If there is nothing delicious for the beast to feast upon in your shredded garbage you may find them circling the property and waiting to steal your lunch or picnic baskets. 

Similar to the neighborhood watch, bears are social but sneaky. You never know when they are watching you. 

Living in remote areas can be beautiful but dangerous … and highly entertaining.


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