I’m into this saving money with phone apps thing. Seriosly. Cha-ching.

I really dislike those blog posts where someone wants to sell you something. The ones you suspect that they only “love” this product or that becuase they are getting a paycheck or free crap to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly room for a product blogger or few in the big wide internet world. I personally just tend not to believe these kinda promoters really mean what they say.

 I feel equally jealous and annoyed that I don’t get free stuff to blabber on about. If we going to be real here I probably don’t get asked to promote things because I would be honest.

 It’s for the best really. 

I actually like free stuff and will accept it even if I dont need it …  I probably know someone who does. A pay it forward kinda thing. Consider this blog a pay it forward for cash.

This is my own personal experience about a couple of apps I have recently started using. Nobody has asked me to write, I wasn’t forced to share and I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t have such success with each. I don’t like things with catches and strings attached and this is exactly why I wanted to share what I found.

I know it already sounds like I’m advertising. The thing is I know I have families and fans trying to save a buck that read my stuff. You won’t find me selling out on this blog. I’ve always givin my most honest self and I can say with truth I’ve found these apps on my own and tried them with awesome results. I’m not on a payroll with any of the companies I mentioned here other than what I earned on my own using the app.

Here is the scoop: There is free money out there just for using cash back apps.

 You’ve probably heard about them. 

Seems like a lot of work right? 

Not more than clipping coupons (which I hate) or browsing on your phone which you have likely done at least once today. You might be reading this from your phone right now. 

Next time you’re browsing, download the eBates app and the Ibotta app to your  phone. 

It’s totally free and it’s really easy. 

These apps give you cash back from stores, restaurants, gas stations and sometimes other apps when you buy certain products. Products you probably are already buying or have recently purchased. If you are a coupon clipper you can use both!

For online shoppers Ebates is the way to go. Sign in to the app and the shop the stores you would anyway. Nike, Macy’s, WalMart even eBay and Groupon! They will give you any coupons available at their stores. No google search required to get the best coupon deal. 

Shop at your store of choice with the best discount AND get a cash back rebate. The rebates are a percent of your purchase depending on the stores promotional rate. I’ve scored big time because I shop on eBay so much but I’ve also earned using Hotels.com for our trips and Groupon for activities when we travel. I’m saving plus getting cash back  just doing my thing. 

Easy sign up, free cash back. You can’t beat it.

I don’t find a code to give you extra cash back but I am sharing a screen shot of my current savings  and I have a link to make it easy to join. Ebates can be used on a PC, tablet or phone. 

click here to sign up for Ebates!

I just stocked up for the kids back to school on the cheap (really cheap). 

Using a combination of apps, Ibotta and another which Ibotta introduced me to with an offer of 15% back on my first purchase. Sure in my case it was a whopping $10.57 but that’s cash back on stuff I’m buying anyway.

 In total (before today) I’ve racked up over $50 in free cash back for using Ibotta over the span of a couple months. I forget about it sometimes or I could have earned more. 


So this is what I did – I signed into Ibotta and got an immediate  $10 with my first rebate. I think I bought a pack of gum, got 25 cents back and earned my first bonus. 

I was hooked ever since.

 Now they are offering 15% cash back on a purchase at Boxed. 

Boxed is like an online version of Costco or Sams where you buy in bulk on the cheap. It’s an app for your phone which means you can buy 50 bags of single serve instant oatmeal and a box of 100 Pop Tarts while in your robe before your coffee finishes brewing. Easy. 

Plus they shipped my order for FREE. It should be here in just a couple of days.

Alright so – 15% cash back for going to Boxed from your Ibotta app. Free shipping from Boxed. Here’s is how to do it:

Download the Ibotta app to your phone. Use this code to join Ibotta and earn $10 after your first rebate. XRBXSQU

Download the Boxed App. Use this code to get $15 from Boxed for joining C3XIA

Use Ibotta to shop from Boxed to get %15 back on your first purchase. 

Practically throwing free money your way! Plus I used the code Summer10 for 10% off my purchase at boxed. I don’t know how long that code is good so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you. 
Let me know if these tips were helpful, how much you scored and if you know of other apps to save us all some cash. Anything but clipping coupons!

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