… and the results are in.

card-melanoma-cancer-awarenessIt has now been 6 days of torture.

Myself, my wife and our dear friends have all been waiting patiently and sometimes impatiently for the results of my biopsy. I had been given an initial diagnosis of melanoma, the deadly skin cancer who isn’t usually content to just hang out on the top layers of skin.

Today I learned that the initial diagnosis was correct, melanoma. That wasn’t much for new news but I would have been ecstatic had they been wrong. No such luck.

Here is the good part:  I need only go back for one more in-office surgery and then  I can buy myself a cancer survivor T-Shirt as a souvenir.

I can wear it to cover the ginormous scar I will be sporting. A battle wound from an ordeal which I survived.

In a week from today I will be back under the knife followed by a couple days of Netflix to watch while I recover.

I should  have plenty of time to write about  prevention, diagnosis and the importance of self-care. Plenty of time to thank people for reaching out with love and support and the strength to be brave while I waited.

I was super lucky and I am extremely grateful for early enough detection.

I made myself think of what a stage 4 diagnosis could mean.

I made myself face the fact that I could die

I made promises I probably won’t keep if I could just get a pass on this one thing.

  • I promised to stay out of the sun. I love the sun. I will promise now not to abuse my skin in the sun.
  • I promised to take better care of myself. I like to be lazy and I love wings and beer. I will still partake in shenanigans but I will go to the gym more regularly. Uhh … as soon as my stitches are out.
  • I promised to be kinder. I am trying really hard with this. First step? Mocking people in my head instead of out loud. I have faith in me I can minimize my facial expressions soon.


My scar may be visible but at least there are no thought bubbles over my head.

I think that’s the real gift here. You are welcome.






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