Happy Birthday Elizabeth

There are so many wonderful and incredibly special people in my life. I have a few true souls who will ever be considered family who I’ve picked up along lifes journey. One of those amazing people is a fan of my blog and has made mention of the fact on several occasion.

For you my friend.

Birthdays are celebrations of another year of life, a promise of tomorrow and a gift of new beginnings. I hope yours is as filling and satisfying as possible, as 30 comes but once in a lifetime.

You came into our life as someone a friend knew. We started out as business associates but quickly became friends. It took no time at all before my beloved little family adopted you as one of us. My children and fur babies call you “auntie” and you have been a most trusted member of our crew.

We adore you and while we are not spending the day together we know your blessings will be abundant.

Your graceful entrance to the 30’s will be a wonderful experience.

Has to be, right? Took you long enough to join the rest of us 😉

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