Rooster for breakfast

We are traveling. It’s an anniversary/ Valentine’s tradtion for us and this year is a big one. 5 years of mostly bliss. This morning was a wee less than blissful. By morning I mean 2 AM. We are in Knoxville, TN on our way to Lexington, KY to watch her beloved Wildcats play at Rupp […]

Never trust a heated seat

Decided to take the wife’s car to work today. Not because the cute little convertible would be top down, tunes up. No. It was chilly today and I wasn’t feeling the cruisin’ in the little red soft top thing. I drove it because I failed, yet again, to put gas in my fuel guzzling V8 […]

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

There are so many wonderful and incredibly special people in my life. I have a few true souls who will ever be considered family who I’ve picked up along lifes journey. One of those amazing people is a fan of my blog and has made mention of the fact on several occasion. For you my […]