Youth and a pitiful reminder it’s fleeting …

Gone are the days of youth.

Gone are the days of no worries and no care.

Nearly gone are the stepping stones of real adulthood. The fleeting ignorance of bravery and stupidity mixed in a whirlwind of being 20 something.

The aches and pains, the ever so slowly creeping crows feet. The growing desire to adult and to get it together, because the 3rd time is surely the charm.

The falling down and standing back up of being 30 something are all but over in just 7 short days.

I am about to turn 40.

I am cautious of this new decade. Afraid to see what the 2nd half of this life looks like.

What does it feel like?

Will I awake next week in a body eerily familiar of my mother? Of my Grandmother?

Will I suddenly feel the need for a closet full of vintage pastel polyester? Will I awake with a short new do’ styled with care every week in a swept up, tidy helmet of hair? Will my wild curls and love for shoes be replaced by comfort and a modest pair of loafers? Will I need to learn to play Bridge and start eating dinner at 4?

This is incredibly complicated.

I didn’t receive my “Adulting, Second Life Edition” … does anyone else have a copy?  I mean I will take anything, even if it has highlighted sections and notes.

Bonus points available for anyone who has a copy with the test answers because I for one have absolutely no idea what 40 is going to look like and I am pretty sure I am not ready for the test.






Curly girl problems

Unless you have naturally pain in the ass curly tresses this is going to sound like nonsense to you. All my straight hair friends from middle school to even now comment on how they wish they didn’t have to curl their hair to get the ringlets.
Gorgeous cascades of bouncy beautiful curls or sleek styled heads whenever they want. and they envy me?

I just wish I could make mine stay unkinked for more than 20 minutes.


Are you a wash and go kinda gal? If so I probably hate you. It takes me an arsenal of hair product just to look almost put together in the mornings. Shampoo, half a bottle of conditioner, frizz creme, mousse, styling gel and a final all over of spray. If I hear one more person say they just brush their hair and go … I might slap them. probably will.

Straightening is never a possibility for me. My hair does this thing where after hours of straightening, regardless of the product I use, it’s frizzy before I can leave the house.

I want to cry but if I do my bangs will spring get back from the moisture in a gleeful S curl.


If you don’t have a curly hair girl in your life you’re prob missing all the fun of finding what appears to be a small animal in the shower drain. We can shed unholy amounts of hair and still not be bald. My wife thought it was cute I would leave long red hairs in her bed when we were first together. Now that we are married she doesn’t find the red tumbleweed hair piles in all the corners of our bedroom as attractive. Sorry babe.


Ever tried to touch a curly head? Did you come out alive? There is no such thing as touching the curls. If you do they will explode into a lion mane and then we have to start all over. I want to be loved, I do but I want pretty hair too.

It’s not all fun and smiles.
Well actually it is. I happen to be a natural red head too and we have way more fun. Even if it takes us longer to get ready for it.

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This should answer your questions …


My stats because everyone seems to to want to know:

Age: Old enough to know better.

  • 30 something

Marital Status: Married.

  • Happily

Sex: Yes please.

  • Female

Sexual Orientation: None of your business!

  • Lesbian

Kids: Yes. Yes, from my womb.

  • a girl and a boy who live at home and eat all my food

Pets: Yes.

  • Dogs. 2 pits, 1 precious mini dachshund  and 1 asshole poodle schnauzer mix
  • Cats. 2 or 3 or 7 I don’t know anymore. We live in the woods and they just show up for kitty kibble.
  • Fish. Indoor and out. Plus a desk fish – because every office needs one.

Diet: Sometimes.

  • Rich in carbohydrates, beer and sugar

Location: Mountains.

  • Western North Carolina for work, Eastern NC, SC, FL for play. Unless you have a beach house elsewhere then we should be friends. I need more friends with beach houses. Or a friend with a beach house. Whatever.

Occupation: Management level calmer downer and advocate of your e-commerce experience at large

  • I don’t know what that means either. No day is ever the same.

Why dieting doesn’t work for me

Catchy title don’t you think? It’s the absolute truth. Also true is that I need to drop some weight, a lot of weight. Marriage has this way of sneaking up and making you all warm and comfortable.  Before you know it you gained 30 pounds and even your fat jeans don’t fit. Damn it.

We joined a new gym recently diet_c_161076and I’ve been getting my tan on. I feel better than I did hiding under my winter wardrobe and I’m excited about the progress to summers sundresses.  However, it’s and slow and sometimes it’s a painful process. I’m dedicated to 5 days a week for cardio and I’m making healthier lunch choices most days. Yay me!

That is except for one little thing. This is where the “diets don’t work for me” thing comes in. French fry Fridays, the best thing to happen to my work week besides 6 o’clock everyday. I can’t seem to completely kick this fast food habit. Even when I’m sick of the choices within my lunch hour distance I still eat it. Even when my cute little dresses call to me from the closet and mock my thick thighs. I still drive thru.

I’ve decided that being healthy should be my goal. Not a diet until x pounds are gone. I just have to be ok to go over my calories for one day a week. Some might argue I’m also shortening my lifespan but Jack in the Box and I have a love affair that not even summer dresses can come between. Until salads taste like burgers there will be french fry Fridays.

Life is too short for diets. They don’t work for me anyway.f_f8009b635c

If you have some great tips send them my way. I’m all ears (or hips … whatever!)

What the hell is “Idiotic Bliss” and what does it mean?

It’s a fair question and I am going to do my very best to answer it for you.

It all started a little over 2 years ago when I met the woman who would be my wife. It hasn’t been easy, because nothing ever is when you add in real life. Someone asked me once what it meant and I said very confidently “It’s love. It’s our love” and that it is.

This was our first ever photo together. Still my favorite!

Although the original written phrase and context has since been lost, I can assure you the first time I wrote the words “Idiotic Bliss” they seemed to magically fit. It all made perfect sense and has stuck since, literally.

I wish I had kept all the messages that started it all, the emails, texts and voice mails. Sadly that was several technological advances ago and they have all been lost in broken phones and fried hard drives.

We started out long distance but several thousand (million, gazillion?) messages later we were inseparable. Mostly. It has been a long and sometimes rocky road. We are both stubborn and we can both be a little hard to live with. However, we meant it when we said “we do” and as a couple we are in it for the long haul. Mostly, but not always, at the same time. We aren’t perfect and I’m not afraid to be imperfect. That’s what the “idiotic” is all about after all.

The “bliss” is just that. It is the motto of our marriage, it’s the title of our story. It is the definition of our family and of our lives. It works for us and if you have ever been deeply and truly in love, idiotic bliss has probably worked for you too.

Hey all! Welcome!

I started this blog because I identify with so many of you and it’s about time we got together for a chat. Here’s a little about me to get us started …

I’m a modern day mom and wife. My life is like any other, I have a mortgage and a couple kids. All that’s super interesting but add in a wife (yes, wife) some sarcasm, a few cute dogs, plus a mostly rewarding career and some crazy friends and there you have it.

My Idiotic Bliss (1)

As a disclaimer I’m going to be talking about all of it. I mean it. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. You’re getting the honesty; my kids are sometimes brats, my wife is sometimes an asshole and sometimes I spew swear words like I don’t know any other. My dogs are untrained, my job makes me crazy and my hair is unnaturally frizzy. There are good days too. I’m totally head over heels in love, I live in a beautiful area and I’ve got some great people around me every day.

I’m going to share it all. Well mostly all.

No shame or regrets, after all this is my idiotic bliss.

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