What the hell is “Idiotic Bliss” and what does it mean?

It’s a fair question and I am going to do my very best to answer it for you.

It all started a little over 2 years ago when I met the woman who would be my wife. It hasn’t been easy, because nothing ever is when you add in real life. Someone asked me once what it meant and I said very confidently “It’s love. It’s our love” and that it is.

This was our first ever photo together. Still my favorite!

Although the original written phrase and context has since been lost, I can assure you the first time I wrote the words “Idiotic Bliss” they seemed to magically fit. It all made perfect sense and has stuck since, literally.

I wish I had kept all the messages that started it all, the emails, texts and voice mails. Sadly that was several technological advances ago and they have all been lost in broken phones and fried hard drives.

We started out long distance but several thousand (million, gazillion?) messages later we were inseparable. Mostly. It has been a long and sometimes rocky road. We are both stubborn and we can both be a little hard to live with. However, we meant it when we said “we do” and as a couple we are in it for the long haul. Mostly, but not always, at the same time. We aren’t perfect and I’m not afraid to be imperfect. That’s what the “idiotic” is all about after all.

The “bliss” is just that. It is the motto of our marriage, it’s the title of our story. It is the definition of our family and of our lives. It works for us and if you have ever been deeply and truly in love, idiotic bliss has probably worked for you too.

Hey all! Welcome!

I started this blog because I identify with so many of you and it’s about time we got together for a chat. Here’s a little about me to get us started …

I’m a modern day mom and wife. My life is like any other, I have a mortgage and a couple kids. All that’s super interesting but add in a wife (yes, wife) some sarcasm, a few cute dogs, plus a mostly rewarding career and some crazy friends and there you have it.

My Idiotic Bliss (1)

As a disclaimer I’m going to be talking about all of it. I mean it. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. You’re getting the honesty; my kids are sometimes brats, my wife is sometimes an asshole and sometimes I spew swear words like I don’t know any other. My dogs are untrained, my job makes me crazy and my hair is unnaturally frizzy. There are good days too. I’m totally head over heels in love, I live in a beautiful area and I’ve got some great people around me every day.

I’m going to share it all. Well mostly all.

No shame or regrets, after all this is my idiotic bliss.

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