Youth and a pitiful reminder it’s fleeting …

Gone are the days of youth.

Gone are the days of no worries and no care.

Nearly gone are the stepping stones of real adulthood. The fleeting ignorance of bravery and stupidity mixed in a whirlwind of being 20 something.

The aches and pains, the ever so slowly creeping crows feet. The growing desire to adult and to get it together, because the 3rd time is surely the charm.

The falling down and standing back up of being 30 something are all but over in just 7 short days.

I am about to turn 40.

I am cautious of this new decade. Afraid to see what the 2nd half of this life looks like.

What does it feel like?

Will I awake next week in a body eerily familiar of my mother? Of my Grandmother?

Will I suddenly feel the need for a closet full of vintage pastel polyester? Will I awake with a short new do’ styled with care every week in a swept up, tidy helmet of hair? Will my wild curls and love for shoes be replaced by comfort and a modest pair of loafers? Will I need to learn to play Bridge and start eating dinner at 4?

This is incredibly complicated.

I didn’t receive my “Adulting, Second Life Edition” … does anyone else have a copy?  I mean I will take anything, even if it has highlighted sections and notes.

Bonus points available for anyone who has a copy with the test answers because I for one have absolutely no idea what 40 is going to look like and I am pretty sure I am not ready for the test.