Why dieting doesn’t work for me

Catchy title don’t you think? It’s the absolute truth. Also true is that I need to drop some weight, a lot of weight. Marriage has this way of sneaking up and making you all warm and comfortable.  Before you know it you gained 30 pounds and even your fat jeans don’t fit. Damn it.

We joined a new gym recently diet_c_161076and I’ve been getting my tan on. I feel better than I did hiding under my winter wardrobe and I’m excited about the progress to summers sundresses.  However, it’s and slow and sometimes it’s a painful process. I’m dedicated to 5 days a week for cardio and I’m making healthier lunch choices most days. Yay me!

That is except for one little thing. This is where the “diets don’t work for me” thing comes in. French fry Fridays, the best thing to happen to my work week besides 6 o’clock everyday. I can’t seem to completely kick this fast food habit. Even when I’m sick of the choices within my lunch hour distance I still eat it. Even when my cute little dresses call to me from the closet and mock my thick thighs. I still drive thru.

I’ve decided that being healthy should be my goal. Not a diet until x pounds are gone. I just have to be ok to go over my calories for one day a week. Some might argue I’m also shortening my lifespan but Jack in the Box and I have a love affair that not even summer dresses can come between. Until salads taste like burgers there will be french fry Fridays.

Life is too short for diets. They don’t work for me anyway.f_f8009b635c

If you have some great tips send them my way. I’m all ears (or hips … whatever!)