What I learned today about people

I work in a people oriented business. It’s a small office and sometimes hard not to become an expert listener with so many stories.

I live in a small town type place. I’m raising my family in a house just big enough, nestled on the top of a mountain surrounded by other houses I can’t see but know exist. I rarely see people come in or out of these dwellings. I prefer my privacy but am kind to those who have shown interest in our presence.

I know people from the community from all walks of life. We have other lesbian friends we identify with. We know couples and singles from varied sexual orientation, religion, race and economic status. I have always been proud to be able to communicate freely, sometimes befriending, people of all walks.

I try to make every encounter as pleasant as possible. People I care for and people I don’t cross my path every single day. Not always in person, sometimes on the road while driving or in my social media feeds as I scroll. Sometimes for my work and sometimes in my personal life. Each an experience yet most not life changing.

There is at no point in my day that I allow my interactions to take on a malicious intent. I do not set out to harm others, or to chip away at whatever happiness they carry with them.

I do  not concern myself with the relationship status or the circle of friends people subscribe.

I do not base my entire interaction on what others may offer me personally.

I strive everyday to better, to be a better person. To love more, to understand more, to teach more. To understand and to grow more.

Each day I learn that other people don’t share the same desire. The same ideas about love and honesty. The same approach to kindness and human decency.

Today I was reminded that some people care only about what you may have to offer them. They care to make themselves look bigger, better, smarter, more loveable. All this without the effort to earn it, without the effort to learn it and live it.

All this to achieve attention with no intention above self interest.

Today I learned that the world has a great deal of deception, of worry, of concern for not the greater good but for self worth.

Today I learned what a fragile thing human emotions are. How deeply words penetrate.

What I learned about people today is that they are capable of love and of hate.

We can all make a choice to be villainous, kindness however is basic human nature.