Saying Goodbye to Maggie

The most real goodbye is never easy.
It is never quick.
It is never really complete.

We said our mortal goodbyes to Maggie Monday October the 2nd. It was painful but it was due and it was time.

It has been several weeks and I am still saying my own quiet goodbyes.

She went by many names.
Maggie, Magret, Mags, Magna-Doodle. She came to any name I called her if there were bites to be had or ear scratches to be received.

She was a unique sort of companion. When I met her for the first time she insisted we be friends but made clear the boundries.
She cocked her head to side and studied me intently when I spoke to her. Little did I know we would become family and she would become the matriarch of our combined household.

I suspect she knew.
I should have known by the twinkle in her eye.

Her favorite human trick was to “boof” and point with her nose. We were to provide her with whatever she wanted,  be it something or someone. Beer was her favorite but wine from your glass would do.

Until old age set in.

Her desire for the taste of spirits disappeared with her youth and vigor.

Despite being unseated by wrapped boxes with bows she would still be magnetically attracted to the tree and wanted to be as near as possible.

Our first Christmas without her has been most difficult. All the festive paper and all the delighted giggles were unable to drown out the loss.

The tears flowed forcefully and unforgiving this morning as I remembered her. I caught a quick glimpse of the memorial ornament on our beautiful tree and instantly recalled our unique relationship.

She refused my Christmas gift last year and I was so incredibly offended at the time. I recall clearly that she turned her little black nose straight away when I presented her the bakery fresh bone shaped cookie.

She rejected my last gift but she never rejected my affections.

The most important things she gave our family will live on long past her last days.

We have said our goodbye but our Maggie will never be forgotten.